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Article: Learn How To Play "Liar's Dice"


Learn How To Play "Liar's Dice"

The game can be played between two or more players, each with a cup or "cacho" of five dice. The game starts with all players rolling one die and whoever gets the highest number starts the game. This person has the freedom to determine the direction of the game, starting on the right or on the left. The turns consist of rolling the dice inside the cup and turning them over on the table hiding them from the other players. The main objective is to guess the amount of dice with a certain number or "figure" that there is on the whole table knowing only the own result. Each player must guess the number of dice of each "figure" on the table by taking into account their dice and speculating on the hidden ones from the others. For example: the player who starts the game says aloud, "there are two dice on the table with the figure 3". The next player must raise the speculated number, change it to a higher denomination, or doubt the bet. For example, you could respond by increasing the number of the bet by saying: "there are three threes" or raise the roll to "two fours", "two fives" or "two sixes". However, you cannot say, "two twelve", since it is only possible to raise the bet, either in the number of dice, or in the value of those dice.


That person could also "doubt" by saying it out loud, instead of raising the number of the "figure". Following this, each player must uncover their dice, if there is an equal or greater number of dice in doubt, the doubter loses one of their dice. If, on the other hand, there are fewer dice, the person who made the bet loses one die. There is also the possibility of "chasing" the bet, which means that the number of dice must be exactly the same as the one speculated by the previous player. If this happens, the player who "hunted" receives one die back. If, on the other hand, the bet is different from the number of the pint, this person loses a die. The "aces" or ones, besides being a pint by itself, also count as jokers and are assigned the value of the number at stake. When betting with "aces", it is allowed to lower the number of dice to half plus one, if the number is odd, half approaches upwards. For example, if the bet in play is "seven threes", you can lower it to "four aces", but if it is "eight threes", you can lower it to "five aces". Likewise, if you are betting with "aces" and you want to change your figure, you can only bet double plus one. For example, to change the bet from "two aces" to "trains", you should say "five trains" or more.

The player who receives or loses a die is the one who starts the next round. When any of the players has only one die left, that round will be played in a "blind" manner which means that only players with one die can see their dice and the others must continue to make their bets without seeing them. Important: According to the saying "die dropped, die lost" if any player drops the die from the table, he loses it. The last player with the dice is crowned the winner.

Since you learned the rules, become a professional by learning the traditional Colombian jargon as well!

The face or "figure" 1: "As"

The face or "figure" 2: "Pato"

The face or "figure" 3: "Tren"

The face or "figure" 4: "Perro"

The face or "figure" 5: "Quina"

The face or "figure" 6: "Cena"

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