The Origin of Parcheesi.

Did you know that our Parquet is a derivative of the "Pachisi" originally from India?

It was brought to Colombia for fun by slaves of the British who worked in sugar plantations. The "Parqués" was born from the Ludo that comes from the Pachisi and Chaupar of India. It is known as the game of the emperors because it was popularized by Akbar the Great and is currently considered the national game of the country.

The objective of Pacheesi is to give a complete turn with all the pieces, like in Parqués. The difference is that in this game the exit is the same arrival, called Charkoni and there are no "exit" or "sky" squares. In the same way as in Colombia we invented a variation which we call "Parqués", there are diverse varieties according to other countries such as: Parcheesi in the United States, Parchís is Spain and Petits Chevaux in France. #BRFunFacts

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