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Article: The secrets to becoming the best Backgammon player


The secrets to becoming the best Backgammon player

At BEHAR, we are excited to share valuable tips and tricks with you so that you can improve your backgammon skills and stand out as an exceptional player. Get ready to take your game to the next level!

Immerse yourself in the study of advanced backgammon tactics and strategies. Learn about concepts like block play, aggressive play, safe exits, and inside backboard play. Knowing these tactics will give you a significant advantage over your opponents:

  1. Blocking Play: This tactic involves strategically placing your checkers to block your opponent's checkers. The goal is to create barriers and obstacles so that your opponent cannot move his checkers freely. By blocking your checkers at key points, you can increase the chances of hitting or trapping your opponent's checkers, making it difficult for them to advance and forcing them to make unfavorable decisions.

  2. Aggressive Play: Aggressive play is all about taking calculated risks to quickly advance your chips and put pressure on your opponent. Instead of focusing solely on defense, this approach seeks to move your checkers as quickly as possible to your inside board. This can put your opponent at a disadvantage and have fewer options for strategic moves.

  3. Safe Leads: In backgammon, safe leads refer to moving your checkers from your inside backboard to your teeing area and eventually off the board. The goal is to make sure all your checkers are safe from being hit by your opponent. To achieve safe exits, it is important to maintain strongpoints on your board and avoid leaving isolated tiles that can be captured.

  4. Inner Board Play: This tactic focuses on building and strengthening your inner board. The inside backboard is the section of the backboard that is closest to your teeing area. By having a solid inner board, you have more opportunities to hit your opponent's checkers and hinder their progress. Plus, a strong inside board gives you more strategic options for moving your own checkers and maximizing your scoring opportunities.

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