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National & International Shipping.


We ship free of charge to any part of Bogotá which will be shipped between one and six (1-6) business days from the time of purchase, depending on availability. National shipments have an additional cost of $9.000 COP and will be shipped within one to five (1-5) business days from the time of purchase, depending on availability.

Each order will be shipped through a carrier in Colombia. In case another shipping alternative is requested, you can contact us at Once the shipment is dispatched, the waybill will be sent by email for tracking purposes.

It is in our best interest to ensure that shipments always arrive on time, however, BEHAR will not be responsible for any conditions beyond our control. This includes delays due to weather conditions, service interruptions or any related conditions nationwide.

The shipping process begins when the product clears the warehouse and arrives at the destination address (1-8 business days).


We offer worldwide shipping provided by DHL. The estimated delivery time will be five to twelve (5-12) business days. The shipping cost is automatically calculated according to the weight of the product and the final shipping destination. BEHAR will not be responsible for any additional costs such as taxes or any other charges that may apply. We will also not be responsible for any condition that is not within our scope. This includes delays due to weather conditions, service interruptions or any related condition at national or international level.


Your piece can accompany you throughout your life if you give it the care it needs. Being a living material, leather changes, softens and can subtly change color over time. It is sensitive to natural elements such as water, oil, heat and light, as well as to environments that are too humid or too dry.


Dust the surface occasionally with a dry, soft-touch cloth. For stains, remove the liquid as soon as possible with a dry cloth or absorbent paper from the outside in. Do not dry in direct sunlight or with a dryer. Avoid storing your product near sources of heat and UV rays.


Clean the fabric with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild soap. (Try first with a corner of the product). Remove excess moisture and allow to dry in the open air at room temperature without the aid of dryers, etc.


We use 100% bovine leather. In the same way that nature is in charge of making each animal unique, our leathers can present variations in their veins and shades. This is part of our magic, each product is unique.


Avoid storing any of our products near sources of heat or direct sunlight. When you need to store it for a long time, keep in mind not to expose the leather to humid environments or to store it in plastic bags. We recommend not putting objects on top of it, as their fingerprints could be permanently marked.


It is important to refrain from using products that contain alcohol or perfumes. Constant contact with darker fabrics can alter the color of the product. We have a maintenance service, contact us at and we will gladly help you.