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Article: Do you know how to play Chess?


Do you know how to play Chess?

There are three basic rules of chess that should be known before anything else:

1. The player with the white pieces moves first.

Deciding whether to play with the black or white chess pieces is not a matter of taste, but has a strategic component. First of all, it must be taken into account that playing with the white pieces always moves first.

The first move is crucial and, as a tip, must respond to a strategy. As you practice, you will become more familiar with the different strategies.

2. Each player moves only one of his pieces per turn.

You may not move more than one piece per turn. The only exception to this rule is when you castle, which must be done by moving one of your rooks and your king. It should also be clarified that no piece can move to an occupied space, unless it is to capture.

3. The winner is the player who manages to "Checkmate" the opponent.

The object of the game is very simple: to capture the enemy king and checkmate it. During the game, you will see several situations in which the king will be threatened, however, it can be freed from capture; this is called check.

The chess pieces, also known as checkers, are the moving elements of the game. Each player has 16 pieces:

- 1 KING

Chess is played between two players and both move in turns. A player can never make two moves in a row.

There is only one move in which the position of two pieces of the same side can be changed: "Castling".

When a rival piece threatens to eat the king ("Check") it must be avoided before making any other move.

The game ends with "Checkmate" which is the position in which it is not possible to prevent the king from being eaten by a rival piece.

The game ends in a Draw when there are not enough pieces on either side to checkmate or the same position is repeated 3 times in a row.

It is also a draw if the king, without being in check, has no legal moves without being eaten and there are no other legal moves to make "King Drowned".

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