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Article: Tips to stop being a beginner in Poker.

Tips to stop being a beginner in Poker.

We can find many Poker articles that tell you what is good and what is not, but to really learn the strategy and improve your chances of winning, you need to know what to learn when you are just starting to play.

If you're an experienced player, this article isn't going to help you much, but don't worry, you'll soon find our advanced strategy tips for playing Texas Hold'em. However, if you are just starting out, you will save a lot of time and money along the way, as we will give you the best Poker tips for beginners.


Some might say it's obvious to start here, but although it can be easy, some players get confused and waste a lot of time. You shouldn't be at the point where you are in the middle of the hand and have to think about whether you are winning a straight with your flush or not, and get confused when it comes to making a decision. Here you learn the poker hand rankings:

Learning the positions is invaluable, and you shouldn't start playing before you do. It's one of the most important Poker tips you need to learn when starting out, so don't ignore it!

For example, seeing your opponent check quickly may be a good indicator that he has a weak hand, and you may decide to "bluff". There are many examples like this, but one thing is clear: it's better to have that information than to give it to your opponent.

When you are ready to learn the strategy, remember that having a clear position is crucial, and you must play many more hands in the meantime. The hands you decide to play are greatly affected by the position you are in. The more advanced your position is, the more hands you can open and therefore, put  more pressure on your opponents.


Many players find no interest in playing low stakes games, but it is important to understand that the goal now is to learn the strategy and not waste money while doing so. That's why, we have a few reasons for you to start with low stakes:

  • First of all, you will feel more at ease knowing that you are not risking a lot of money and even if you lose something at the beginning it won't hurt you.
  • Secondly, a player's skill level increases each time they move up in stakes. Starting at lower limits allows you to play against weaker players and learn how to play instead of "giving away" money to those who are much better than you (for now).
  • Finally, it allows you to see the whole picture and get an idea of what the game is like as a whole. You will understand the positions, which poker hands to play, and you'll be able to put it all into practice.


Many new players make the big mistake of playing too much and opening too many hands of Texas Hold'em.

The key, when you are starting out, is to play only your strongest hands to keep your VPIP Poker status on the low side and avoid a lot of tough "post-flop" decisions. This will allow you to play less, but more aggressively when you decide to take your hand to the action.

Most of your opponents in low games, are going to play random hands most of the time, and only with this advice can you start to get ahead.

So raise and bet when you play instead of just calling and putting maximum pressure on your opponents. Knowing that you have the advantage of having better hands before the "flop", you will ultimately be winning against their range of cards.

These are just some tips you should keep in mind, soon you'll be able to find more, subscribe to our Newsletter to receive more tips on how to win all your matches!

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